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MS SQL uniqueidentifier Data Type

I have a process that runs and requires me to output a table that identifies records that have updated. I then run a Microsoft Flow that updates values in Microsoft CRM (online). Flow requires that a unique identifier exist that is the data type "uniqueidentifier". Also, the identifiers have to continue to grow. For instance, if the first run has 80 rows that updated, the numbers need to be 1-80, but on the next run, I may only have 10 updates, those numbers need to start at 81. How can I resolve these two issues? There is no "uniqueidentifier" datatype available for Alteryx.

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That data type may just be a CRM based one. If you try and populate it at as an integer that should be fine.


You need to store what you send as a Max. Set a record ID. Take Max and store it. Then that max goes into runs 2 to N. It appends on the updates, and the updates take their record ID starting from there. Do record ID prior to the append then take max + record ID to get the new id. Then store the max again and it just repeats.


This is my SQL 2017 server, it's a SQL datatype and, it is my understanding that Microsoft Flow looks for this data type. I will try this solution in the morning though, and I'll let you know if it works.

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Did not realise this was SQL Server. In that case, yes that is a specific data type. What i have done in the past for this was I loaded the updates and then I ran a post-sql statement in the output tool to set the identifier value.

This is brilliant!