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MIP Optimization setup




I want to set up a optimization workflow to optimize crew dispatch problem and I don't know how to begin with. I am trying to work with a small hypothetical case to begin with and will expand it later.

Following are the details


  1. We have a limited crew (let's say 2 technicians) and who are to be sent to multiple job sites. 
  2. different travel time to each site (let's assume we already know the travel time at this point)
  3. Each job will take certain number of hours
  4. Total time allocated to any crew member should not be more than 12 hours
  5. its not necessary that all jobs get done in a day (12 hours)
Travel time matrix  
 DepotSite 1Site 2Site 3
Site 11022
Site 21201
Site 31210



Joborder SiteHours to complete the Job
Job 1Enon2
Job 2Site 13
Job 3Site 22
Job 4Site 31
Job 5Site 14
Job 6Site 22


@SydneyF thanks for helping me in past for setting up linear optimization in alteryx. I was wondering if you can help me here with this too.



Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

Hi @Ashish,


This is a really interesting use case. It appears to be, at least in part, related to the Traveling Salesmen Problem. This is a very famous and heavily researched topic in mathematics and computer science. The most straightforward method for an exact solution to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) involves a brute force search. This involves creating permutations (ordered combinations) for each set of jobs that would combine to under 8 hours with travel, and then optimizing by completing the maximum number of unique jobs for your two technicians. I believe this might be the route you need to take in order to solve this problem using the Optimization Tool in Alteryx. 


What have you developed for this workflow so far? In order to get assistance from the Community, you should post a workflow showing your thinking on the matter, where you have gotten stuck, and some sample data. As a Customer Support Engineer, developing a solution for you from scratch is outside of my scope. If you provide additional details on this case, hopefully a member of our Community will respond.