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7 - Meteor

Esteemed community I need your opinion about the time it would take me to look 2.5TB from Microsof SQL SERVER to VERTICA or to any other base with ALTERYX this is to make a quote

My computer is a server with this processor Inetl Xeon CPU E5-2407 v2 @2.40 GHz (2 procesadores)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Daniel_Jamet_Bais,


This is a challenging question to answer because there's a lot of environmental variables that Alteryx is unable to influence.


For instance,

  • On premise DB's or cloud
  • How big/fast is the pipeline from MSSQL to Alteryx and then from Alteryx to VERTICA... how far does the data need to travel
  • Are there any limitations on MSSQL that set the amount of records outputted per X (time)
  • What's the recommended transaction size for loading to VERTICA

are a few questions that I can think of, but I'm sure there's more.


Someone may have an opinion on how long it would take, but I'd take it with a grain of salt. Best way to estimate would be to do a small scale test (maybe 500MB - 1GB worth of records) and see how long it takes to transfer.


Hope this helps!


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi Daniel:

I would recommend several methods to do this.


- First, get (or build) a sample dataset of that size, based in  what you know of your customer (Industry, amount of fields, type of fields, etc..) and try it. That'll give you an estimate of reading/loading times.

- If you're planning to move that data to Vertica, there a lot of additional things to consider also, due to how Vertica works: 

- Do DIRECT COPYs to Vertica, do not plan to upload that volume through OBDC (that will abort due to WOS restrictions in Vertica).

For my customers, I created a Vertica COPY command generator, to be sure the data is copied DIRECTly to the ROS and doesn't go through the WOS.

You should consider the Vertica architecture to estimate the loading time (# of nodes in the cluster, node configurations, etc).


Also, the reading/loading time is "machine type".. Are you going to quote that?