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Loosings iformation from CSV file.


Hi All,


Im Reading information from CSV files, im doing just a common unión and output file in TDE Extract, nothing more.

All the files have the same template.


But i dont know why im loosing information, can somebody help?

Thanks a lot!


Alteryx 1.JPGAlteryx 2.JPG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
The issue has arisen because (I am assuming), you are converting the Kilo field from a string to a number, but actually the string is not a number as it contains commas.

Apply the formula...


Prior to your select tool and then this should prevent the error occurring.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
As a side tip, you don't actually need 6 input files if you are going to immediately union them.

You can instead use a single input and replace the filename with...


And this will read all csvs into Alteryx with just one tool, providing they have the same schema.


Thanks Ben, you put me in the way, but is not working yet.


I already tried with this  formual :




but not working..


Hi Nicoiba


I noticed that you have a few different fields in which you're loosing data on conversion. Could it perhaps be that you haven't applied the formula to all fields? If so, you could try the multi-field formula tool. With it you can change multiple fields at one. You can tick all the fields you want to replace the comma in and just slightly change Ben's formula by using _CurrentField_. So your formula would be:




Hope that helps!