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Looping within a Macro

This is my first attempt at any sort of iteration within a macro, and if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.


I'm sending a list of IP numbers to an API which returns a result including either 'OK' or 'Throttling'. I need to take the 'Throttling' records and pass them to the API again, until there are no more. It's conceptually simple, but I'm not really sure how to approach it.


Any suggestions?






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


You might want to check out the On Demand recording on the Alteryx Training website. There is a 10 minute training video on building out Iterative macros.


Perfect advice, and the process is almost unnervingly easy.


Turns out I was really only about a dozen clicks away from the solution. Very, very cool.


Thanks again,



Hi Rod,


Please, can you tell me where is that video?

I can't find it.


My problem is pretty similar to the Daniel's one.

I'm reading comments from a web page which have up to 20 comments per page, but I don't know the number of pages initially, so I have to get a link from each page to the following one until I reach the final one.

My final goal is to pick up all the comment from all the different pages.



Thanks in advance,





I think I found it.


Thanks anyway!