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Looping in Alteryx

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Hi community,


In Alteryx I tried to rebuild a logic that you can find attached in my Excel file under the tab scenario.Mainly it needs to recalculate different variables over a certain time horizon. Variables first need to be calculated for T1 (time 1) and are used as an input for T2 and so on. I was wanting to work in Alteryx with a multifield formula, but it seems not possible to calculate multiple variables with the same tool. However then I chose for the most easy (but cumbersome) solution and copied all my tool for T2 to T3/T4/T5,..




Is there not an easy way to loop through the same tools (instead of copying) in a certain way (macro output tool?) & how exacty? I also attached my Alteryx workflow.







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Hi Tom, 


You are on the right track it seems, and you identified a use case for a macro which is sometimes the hardest part. From your post, it sounds like you are looking for whats called a Batch Macro in Alteryx, where you can loop through a set of values and perform logic on each value being looped through, in your case the recalculation. I have shared a link to batch macros, let me know if you have any specific questions.


Alteryx: Batch Macro

Batch Macro Tech Details

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14 - Magnetar

Hi @TDevrie6 


I'm thinking macro as well, but perhaps an Iterative macro instead. You'll need to loop a number of rows through the process together, not just one line at a time.


Let me know if this helps.




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Hi Esther,


Thanks a lot! Iterative Macro was indeed the solution for my use case! 🙂


I do not know if you have experience with the Alteryx workflow, but I was wondering if you would know if it is possible to upload a workflow with a macro to the Gallery? If yes, the iterative macro also needs to be added to the Gallery next to the workflow?