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Looping and dynamically changing output


I have a dataset that looks like(these numbers and columns are random)

Period A B C D E F G
1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77
2 111 222 333 444 this should be 77    


Now , I am calculating column F & G using certain conditions from the prior columns, once I have calculated values for all the columns for a particuar period, I procced to the next period where value for column E equals that of column G in previous period.


And, then again I calculate the values of F & G for period 2 . I want to repaeat this process for multiple periods.


I believe batch macro is the solution but I am unable to find a way to use it in this case, any approach without using a macro would also be helpful


Just for clarification, what is the starting state?  No column F and G, as they are derived by your workflow?  But what about column E?  For period 1, it sounds like E is already there?  But not there for period 2?


Anyway - a starting state along with the desired end state will help us determine various solutions.


Yes for period1 values for column E are available but not for any future periods, as they are value for E at t is equalt to value for G at t-1

Also, is there a way I can use the expression 



IF [Period]= 2 THEN [G] IN ([Period]=1) ELSE [E] ENDIF


Although its not giving the desired result, i want to use something similar to a where statement


This is basically row-dependent iteration, which is tricky. Here's a nice write-up and various iteration tools in R:, and even in R, where myriad "apply" functions can do almost anything you can imagine, they admit that a regular "For" loop works great for row-dependent iteration, "where the output of one iteration depends on the result of the previous iteration."


In that light I went ahead and created a simple call to R that performs a For loop to fill out the input data set. I've attached the workflow. Hopefully this is easily modified to fit your specific needs.


(With all that said - I'd also be very interested in someone showing a solution using only Alteryx tools.)

 if i understood correctly,


here is a way to do it using Multi row formula