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Loop through files and use Regex




Let's say I have 5 different excel workbooks, and I want my regex function (ex: phone number regex) to read through all these workbooks based on their coloumn name and then parse it


Can I do that?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Sure.  You may need to read each workbook individually and union them together, then send them through a formula that applies the regular expreission, but yes - this is certainly possible. If you have sample data, we can help figure out the specifics.


Shure you can!!


Youn only need to make sure (for make the things easier) that the field that you want to transform with Regex have the same 'field_name' for all the excel files:


The steps will be then (I will put images):


1) Call the excel files with a wildcard(*), I will suggest you to put the files that you need to process together in one folder (only to avoid to call other files) and make sure that the 'sheet' that contain the phones is the same for all the files.step1_wildcard.png



With the (*.xlsx) I will call in my input folder any file with the extension .xlsx


2) Apply the regex formula, this could be using tthe formula tool or the regex tool from the Parse Section, in the picture I'm using a formulatool.




Hope this will help you, attached you will find the module and the excel files.


Have a nice week!!


I'm attaching an excel file that has 3 worksheets, but each sheet must be taken (i could not find a way to upload 3 excel files so I put them all in one) as seperate workbook (ex: sample1=workbook1, sample 2=workbook2, sample3=workbook3


my regex code is : 

^\d{5}(-\d{4})?$    (ZIPCODE)


I want to go through all files (workbook1,2,3) ->find "ZIPCODE" coloumn name -> then apply regex




I'm trying this. Thanks! WIll update you




1-)I put all 3 files in a folder where folder properties are C:\Users\fomenter\Desktop

2-)I opened alteryx, select "input data" then from "connect a file or database" I clicked on filebrowser

3-)A window pops out which commands "Open a data file" where I see my 3 excel files and they all have xlsx extension.

4-) Then, what do I choose here?



5-) I chose one of the excel files (sample1), then clicked on Open, then changed the format to *xlsx. However, it still get to see sample1 headers




Thank you for all your help


Try having the same columns in the 3 files with same schema, if you need to create columns in one or more file then just add the column name, isn't necessary fill up those fields with data.


Hmm interesting. I mean it works but always read through the first excel file