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Loop through Excel tabs w/ different schemas

I have an Excel file with 18 tabs (image below), all with different input schemas. I'd like to run my workflow with the 1st tab as the input, then store results, then automatically the workflow again with the 2nd tab as the input, then store results, then run the 3rd tab, etc etc...


The output schema is the same every time, so it makes sense for me to just run the same workflow, even though input schemas vary. Currently I run the workflow, then go back to the input and change the "Table or Query" manually, then then run again. Repeat 17 times. I'd love to automate the process further!


I've tried working with batch/iterative macros by following examples I've seen here, but nothing I've come across seems to answer this particular question. A link to an example that tackles this or any ideas would be appreciated.




List of Sheets.PNG

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Alteryx Certified Partner



Please don't tell @CameronS that I am re-gifting his post:


This will get you the reads of unequal schemas.




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