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Loop over column and use it as input for other field

Hello community!

I am completely new to Alteryx and I am creating my first workflow. I hope you can help me with it.

I got a file from the server and now I need to loop over one of the columns.

I will use the value of each row (the id of a sprint) and use it as input to connect to the server again to download all the issues in each sprint.


Any thoughts about how I can do this?




Alteryx Certified Partner

hey @designing_workflows 

Can you post a sample of your data and maybe what you want the end product to look like?

As I understand, you have a flat file and want to read one of the columns values, and feed that back as a list to allow a user to select?

Again, sorry for my misunderstanding


I think you're looking for something like the attached. This is a quick example to get you started. It assumes that all the Sprint files have the same schema (in this case, two columns with text labeled "SprintID" and "Issue"). If the different Sprint files have different schema, I can provide a more flexible example.


HI @designing_workflows ,

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