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Loop item webscrape help (multiple listing directory scrape)


Hi all,


I am looking to webscrape a directory site that displays its products in a list. 


How would I go about instructing Alteryx to click on each product link displayed in the list from my search URL and outputting the source code (via download tool) of each respective product page?


I hope this is clear, but can exemplify further if needs be.






Use the download tool to get the page with the list of links
Extract the list of links.  Use RegEx.
Feed the list into another download tool, saving the output to a file


There is no list of links explicitly defined within the source code.


The "list of links" is "each product link" that you would click on if you were doing it manually (you mentioned instructing Alteryx to click on each product link)


Do you have a screenshot of the webpage with each product link?