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Lookup / Join Tool Multiple Fields

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Not sure if this is a simple item but was hoping to get a recommendation on a tool to help assign if an item is taxable or not based on a state and item code match.  For example,

Table 1 has transaction data including the following key fields:

Item Code

Table 2 has taxbility by state and item code and has the following fields:

Item Code

What I need to have happen is for each state and item code in table 1 return if an item is taxable by looking up state then item code and return as an additional field in table 1 the taxability.

I have tried both the Join Tool and the Join Multiple tool with the Left/Input 1 first being state from table 1 Right/Input 2 state from table 2.  Added an additional join line for item code as well.

When trying each, I am not getting many matches.  Anyone have a recommendation if this is possible and the best tool?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Kevin,

If you are joining two state fields and are getting no matches, I would first add a Browse Tool to each Left and Right outputs of the Join Tool, then compare the two fields visually.  Questions I have are:

  1. Are there additional spaces in the field values?  
  2. Are the two State fields different, with one being "Colorado" and one "CO"? (full state name vs. abbreviation)

If this isn't working, could you email a sample of your data to  



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Hi Kevin,

Another thing to keep in mind is that Join tool is case sensitive. If you have "Colorado" in input1 and "COLORADO" in input2, it does not satisfy the join condition. In that case, you can add a formula tool before joiner tool to change everything into uppercase.

6 - Meteoroid
Thanks everyone.  It was a data issue.

Apprecite the help.

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Thanks ........................

love this 


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