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Logistic Regression Error


Any ideas what's going on?


Logistic Regression (5) Tool #127: Error in ROCR::prediction(predictions = probability_v, labels = actual_values) :

Alteryx Certified Partner

In the Age category, you have a couple of null values.  Once I filtered those out, it ran just fine.  It looks great.


By the way, great analysis!  Would love to hear more about what the use case is.  

Inactive User
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When I deselect Age-years it works. I think that is because there are nulls in there; just replace the nulls and it should be fine.


Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Just as an FYI, as I know the two posters above have provided you with the solution.


There are a fair few ways you could deal with NULLs here. Use the filter tool as @galit_wernick and @Inactive User say, alternatively you could use the data cleanse tool to convert NULLs to Zeros.


You can also use the impute tool to replace NULLs with say the median, or average value.