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Logging of Workflow activity


Hi guys,


Our company has Alteryx server running. Per compliance requirement of my company, we have to audit log all activities on Alteryx server. 


Let's say, user A run workflow number 1 at 2018-11-20 16:00:00 and the workflow runs successfully/fails.



We want to have only one record like this generated every time a workflow runs and then write it our database.


I know Alteryx server will generate log itself. But the log data is too detailed.


So forget about writing back to database for now, my question is:


1. How can we generate a record like that every time a workflow runs? Is it possible? Or can we get the information I need by parsing the log data?


2. If we can get records like that, how and where can we store those information?



Any idea will be appreciated and thanks advance for all your help.







Take a look at the Alteryx Server Usage Report.  This report includes a bunch of summary-level information, but most importantly, it is an Alteryx workflow that has an embedded macro which queries the Alteryx Server back-end directly.

You should be able to isolate the information you are trying to get to (who runs workflows when) and build a process to automatically load this into another system at whatever frequency is required.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
This data is automatically stored in the Alteryx servers mongoDB.

Alteryx have kindly produced a workflow that builds out a giant table with this information in (merging several tables within the mongodb together).

I would advise you grab this workflow, enter the credentials in the macro and then choose the tableau workbook option, by choosing this the d anchor will give you this merged table which we ourselves write to our own database for reporting, you can do the same.

Alternatively you could look inside the macro and grab the specific elements that are of interest to you.


Hi Claje,


Thank you for your help. I will definitely check the usage tool.


is it possible to have a 'live' version of this? Instead of running this workflow at a fixed frequency, a record will be generated whenever activity happens on Alteryx server.


Hi BenMoss,


Thank you for your help. I will check the usage report tool.


You mentioned the data is stored in the Alteryx servers MongoDB.


Can you tell me how you find this? And is it possible to query the data directly from the MongoDB? I want to find out how to access the data in MongoDB directly. I want to see the raw data.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Yes you can query it directly, there is a mongodb input tool in Alteryx.

But as mentioned, my advice would be to use the Alteryx server usage report macro, open it, and you can see all the different tables that Alteryx is querying and copy the relevant pieces out, for example the piece on Jobs.

You'll see within the macro there are about 6 mongodb inputs.