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Locking Section of Workflow


Hello Alteryx Community,


I currently have an Alteryx workflow, which can be broken down into 2 sections: the first one dealing with data cleansing and preparation, and the second section dealing with analysis. I am trying to find a way of locking the analysis section of the workflow (as it is standardized and I don't want the people who I share the workflow with to edit that). However, I want to leave the data prep section of it open to edits as that would vary depending on the incoming data. 


Unfortunately I'm not able to share the current version of my workflow. However, I just wanted to know whether this is possible.


@rishabh_1995 you can do this by converting the analysis section of the workflow into a standard macro and setting it up as a Read-only.


Have a look at this article previously posted and solved on our Community:


Hi @RishiK,


Thanks for providing me with this solution. I have managed to convert that section to a standard macro, and have utilized the read-only option stated in that article. But is there a better way of locking the macro (because anyone can still very easily go and uncheck the read-only option). I would have to circulate this to a large group of people so I need to ensure that no one can fiddle around with this in any way.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

You can encrypt the macro then save it to be used by others. Only you will have access to the open version.





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Thanks Mark, this works perfectly !