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Loading data using Data Stream In tool (in-Database)

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Hi all,


I haven't found much detailed documentation on the Data Stream In tool, which is found in the In-Database suite of tools. 


Question for the experts: what method of data uploading is this tool using (e.g., bulk loader, line by line loader)? How different is this tool from a traditional Output Data tool or the Write Data In-DB tool?


I'm experimenting with the different options to load data into Snowflake, so any insight is appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


11 - Bolide

hi @akihirokomatsu 


With  the database tools you can define the way you want to make the insert, you can select de bulk loader for example (if the database has one)




while with the traditional Output Data tool the insert is just line by line



I hope it helps

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Great, thanks for your help!