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Loading data into Snowflake


I have two very simple workflows that takes data from a table in SQL Server and loads this data into a table in Snowflake - using input data tool and output data tool with ODBC file format.


The only difference between the two workflows is the data input and the data output. However, the data load into Snowflake is behaving differently for these two workflows.


One workflow loads all the data at once (~800 rows) and runs really quickly. The other workflow seems to only load one row at a time (~3000 rows) and as a result, takes a really long time to load.

Does anyone know why this is the case? The workflows are pretty much identical.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @akasubi 


Have you thought about using the Snowflake Bulk Load option?


I can't explain why you're getting different performance with your two workflows, but this might be a quicker method in general.


Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 16.35.25.png