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Loading a shapefile (.shp) bigger than 2GB


Hello all,


This question may be tagged as duplicate, but the other question doesn't have a real answer.


The issue I'm running in has to do with how to load a shapefile bigger than 2GB, which is not corrupted as it's produced by QGis instead of ArcGIS. In the other question the "apparent" solution hints at a .shp bigger than 2GB been corrupt or impossible, but as mentioned it can be created with unlimited file size using QGis. This however makes it impossible to load in Alteryx as some sort of condition to load has to do with file size, and the only solution I've found is converting the 2GB file to .geojson, loading it as .json, and recreating the polygons inside Alteryx (which is really inneficient).


Has anyone got any thoughts on how to best proceed? (personal geodatabases from QGis are a no go btw)

I’m not sure if you can do it through QGIS, but if you have access to Arc you could create a personal or file geodatabase and import it into there? And then read it into Alteryx from there?

Otherwise, I’d suggest using QGIS to break your shapefile up into smaller shape files.

Saving as personal geodatabase is kind of an option, though the process in QGis is less than ideal (the newer versions at least), and takes a longer time to export than exporting shapefiles (ironically), hence why I'm not inclined for that option (tested it and converting to .geojson and re-building it in Alteryx after parsing was way faster).