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List of HTML Codes useful for Website Scraping


Hi everybody!


If you like to build Connectors in Alteryx like I do and do it the "old-fashioned" way of downloading the HTML Code from a Website with Alteryx and then parse the results, you probably have come across this problem multiple times in the past, that Symbols, letters, etc. that show nicely on the website, are just downloading as HTML Code snippets into Alteryx. For example a € sign will just come back as "€" (without "" of course).


I struggled to find a downloadable list of the most common html code assets, usually they are lists on websites, but its hard finding one that you can actually download. So I went ahead and created a list myself. In the attached Excel file you can find the most common (of course there may be many more) symbols and their HTML code so that you can use this as a reference list to replace the code with the actual symbol in Alteryx. There are in total 7 different tabs in that Excel file, like for example "Currencies", "Letters", or "Punctuation".


Have fun with this and happy scraping


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Very useful, @OliverW.


Thanks a lot for this contribution!




An incredibly exhaustive list! 


Thanks @OliverW 




This is incredibly helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing. 


Surely very welcome