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List box tool to be dynamic to select values with in a field

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Hi Community,


How to give the option in user interface to select the values from a field using list box tool which will be dynamic.


For example, I have an app with file browse, after browsing for the file, I get field tagging option to tag fields Field1, Field2, Field3 then I should get the list box option to choose the list of values I want to take in the further calculations like Field3 has values a1,a2,a3,a4,a5 in this I would like to select a1,a3,a5 using list box and if in next run I have new values(a7,a8) in my Field3 those should reflect in the list box selection.




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14 - Magnetar



I just posted an answer in this thread.

See if that works 🙂