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List box tool to be dynamic to select values with in a field

Hi Community,


How to give the option in user interface to select the values from a field using list box tool which will be dynamic.


For example, I have an app with file browse, after browsing for the file, I get field tagging option to tag fields Field1, Field2, Field3 then I should get the list box option to choose the list of values I want to take in the further calculations like Field3 has values a1,a2,a3,a4,a5 in this I would like to select a1,a3,a5 using list box and if in next run I have new values(a7,a8) in my Field3 those should reflect in the list box selection.



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Hi @PrasadReddyPamula 


You can have the List Box tool populate with fields from a connected tool! The key is, the fields you want to be listed must be the column headers, not in rows. Easiest way to do this is to crosstab that field into column headings





You'll wind up with a check list that lists all of the options contained in that field. When they change, the list changes.



Let me know if this works.





Hi @PrasadReddyPamula 


I think you may need to investigate chained apps in order to update the list for the second select based upon the data.


There is a great article here

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Hi @Joes,


Can you please proivde a sample workflow to make the list box more dynamic to select from the user selected field.




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Hi @RAMN / @PrasadReddyPamula 


Attached is a very basic example of a chained app that uses the results of one app to drive the options in the next one.


In the Interface Window, you need to configure app 1 to load up app 2 when it runs successfully. You also need app 2 to use an external file to populate the list box (starting with another input built by the first app doesn't update properly).


Hope this helps!!




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Hi @EstherB47,


Thanks for the example. I created my own chained app based on the example.



Thank you..