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List box and Drop Down behaving differently in Gallery from local?



I'm trying to create a label for the last time a database was refreshed and I am noticing a discrepancy in how the Gallery uses the list box/drop down inputs compared to the local application.


In this particular case I am using the "External Source" to connect to a SQL database and pull in a date with the following query:

SELECT MAX(ChangeSetDate) AS Name, '' as Value


Replacing ChangeSetDate and the Database location should allow this to run for anyone.


On my local it displays as follows:



On the server it looks like this:



This appears to be an issue with the Colon in the DateTime field, but I'm not sure if there is a way to resolve this, or why it would work differently in the Gallery vs local?

I have similar issue when data has colon character, the drop down does not handle that elegantly and instead truncates the string after the colon character. The value comes from the database and I have tried escaping using a backslash, double quote, single quote but in vain. Firebug in Firefox browser when in debug mode shows that the data is handled as a JSON object, but there is nothing beyond that to indicate what might be the problem. Can anyone suggest, how to circumvent this situation?


So this is going to sound like a cheap answer, but I don't think I ever solved this issue.


My recommendation, if you can do it, would be to do a REPLACE, rather than trying to escape the colon.  Try using a semi-colon, or some other character?  I'm not sure if the colon is a requirement in order for the value to work properly for you.


If for some reason the colon is a requirement, I would recommend reaching out to Alteryx Support directly to see if they can help you with that.  Since you were trying to escape the character previously, I'm guessing you can change this value?

Hope that helps.


Hehe..thanks for your suggestion. I am using replace function and substituting with an underscore character; which you just suggested.


Actually, my intention of posting as a reply to your topic was to avoid creating a new one.

So, hoping that someone from Alteryx user group/support could answer both of our questions which belongs to the same class of problem.


Hello @anand and @Claje,


Thank you for your contributions to the Community. I wanted to let you know that we are aware of this issue and it is currently in our defect backlog for resolution in a future release. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA at this point. @Claje is absolutely correct that the colon is the culprit in the Gallery version of the app, and not just when dealing when DateTime values. A colon in any part of the string of the Name field will truncate the text after the colon. So the workaround is to replace any colons in the Name field with another character.


Thank you and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Hi Claje,


Can confirm issue still occurs on Gallery version:

Client: 2018.3.58474

Server: 2018.3.8.58474

Server Binaries: 2018.3.8.58474

Service Layer

Master: 2018.3.8.58474