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List Box interface tool losing the shared drive file path when packaging the WF


Hi All,

I am using the List box interface tool to read the values from a config_file which is saved on the shared drive, this file is being modified daily, so when ever user opens the WF it should read it from the config_file from the shared drive location. 

When I initially gave the path it took it from the shared drive location as shown in the attached pic "List box1", but when I package the WF it is making a copy of this file into one of the _externals folder an using that instead of going back to the shared drive location. Here is the sample package I have developed along with file I am using. Please let me know how can I overcome this issue of List box tool should use the path from the shared drive location always, instead of losing it when I package the WF.


Initial path before packaging the WF:

List box 1.PNG


Lost the path after packaging it:

List box 2.PNG



hi @aparanjith1 


I recreated the essential parts of your work flow into a simple analytic app.  


If i export it and include the .yxdb




the path in the packaged WF is changed to _externals\...  


include result.png


If I export it and don't include the .yxdb




the list box retains the path to the shared drive


dontinclude result.png


Of course, the person using the packaged workflow needs to have access to the shared drive.





Oh, that was simple. Thank you!