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List Box - Select fields to display


 The list box used in the flow attached is designed to select certain fields to include in the report, somehow it doesn't work. Can anyone hlep on this?




The screenshot is enclosed for reference.

Hi @Wangwn! Can you try changing the action tool connected to your select tool to "Update Select with Multi-Select ListBox"? I think that will do the trick. If you use the interface designer and use the test view (second option from the top), you could use the open debug mode after you filled out your form entries. That would allow you to see exactly what data is being updated by the action tools and what the wokflow looks like.


Hope that helps! Let me know if that doesn't solve the problem.


Patrick Digan


Patrick, thank you for your reply! Your answer definitely solves my question.

Hi ,


May I know how did you created the workflow. Because am trying to create app and its not working only.