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Linking Interface Components


As an example, if I have two dropdown elements - a list of "Requesters" and a list of "Requests Submitted" - is it possible to make one dependent on the selection made in the other? For example, if I select  "Joe Jones" from the "Requesters" dropdown I only want to see Joe's requests listed in the 2nd "Requests Submitted" dropdown. Is that possible? Thanks!

You should be able to do that with a check box/radio button set to "collapse group when deselected"

The solution to a similar question is here:

Thanks so much Josh. I was thinking on the way into work today that my original post was not completely clear. I should have included the very important fact that both dropdown lists are populated usng SQL (by selecting an "external source" for the dropdown field type). Right now both dropdown lists know nothing about eachother so I get all Requesters on the 1st dropdown and all Requests Submitted on teh 2nd dropdown. What I am hoping I can do is to, in effect, alter the SQL in the 2nd dropdown based on what was selected on the first. So if the user selected "Joe" from the first dropdown to magically change the SQL in the second to "Select * from ReqestsSubmitted where Requester = 'Joe' ". That way I only see Joe's requests.  I am thinking that maybe the value "Joe" could be a variable or a parameter that I can pass into the 2nd dropdown. Tall order, I know. Thanks again, Art Casale.