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Linking Doubleclick data

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Does anyone have experience connecting Doubleclick Campaign Manager and Bid Manager data? My team uses an override process that matches spend/revenue data from DBM to DCM to obtain more accurate spend information. We are converting our workbooks to Alteryx and are struggling with how to perform this task. Right now we use create date/placement concatenations for both data sets and then using a single formula, are able to allocate DBM spend to DCM line items based on DCM impression allocation for all line items with that data/placement combo.


Current formula utilized:


=IFERROR(J2/SUMIF('DCM Raw'!$Z:$Z,'DCM Raw'!Z2,'DCM Raw'!$J:$J)*SUMIF('DBM Raw'!$M:$M,'DCM Raw'!Z2,'DBM Raw'!$K:$K),0)


J2/sumif... is basically finding the ratio of that one line item's impressions verses the total summed impressions for all line items with that date placement combination. Multiplying it by the total DBM revenue for all line items with the matching DBM date/placement combo ensures that DBM revenue is proportionally allocated to the DCM data.



DCM Raw Column J = DCM impressions

DCM Raw Column Z = date/placement concatenation for DCM

DBM Raw Column M = date/placement concatenation for DBM

DBM Raw Column K = Revenue from DBM


Would appreciate any leads...thanks!


Hi @steostro,


I'm not familiar with the data you are using, can you give us a sample and give us a sense for how you are trying to transfom the data?



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx
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Hey Jessica,


My team actually figured it out. Thanks for the follow-up!

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@steostro Any chance you've been able to Doubleclick Search and not DCM?   *Edit: Figured it out.

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Hi steostro

How you are able to set it up?

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Hello there, 


I am trying t download DCM data (impressions, clicks) at zip code level by placement for a year. I see that you have done something similar, wanted to understand how i can use the download tool since there's no connector for DCM. 


it would great if you could share how i can download data from DCM for a particular campaign. 





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Have you been able to figure this out?