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LinkedIn macro? Anyone used Alteryx to hit the LinkedIn API?


@TashaA That API Console is fantastic.  I haven't hit the LinkedIn API, but from working with the Esri REST API I know it's possible to get the Auth Token then pass it back in.  It takes a couple of download tools.  The first one hits the Auth endpoint and passes your credentials, then returns the Token, the second download tool performs the query that you want to perform by passing the token at the same time.  The Token Get information is here.  The documentation in the API Console lets you test your calls then you can just copy them into the download tool in your workflow.  


If you are interested in seeing a sample workflow check my comment here.  It focuses on the Esri REST API but the concept is the same.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello! Would you have an example for LinkedIn?


Did someone already create a linkedin API request and is open to share this?


Did anyone find a way to connect to LinkedIn especially for ad data?