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Link to JSON HTML Address

8 - Asteroid

Hello Everyone,

I am currently trying to connect to a JSON HTML Address.  I have a very simple workflow set up right now.  One is a text input that has the URL I want to link to.  The 2nd is a download configuration tool and then a browse.  


Then I am getting the below error.  Without it grabbing any data.  If I put the URL in a browser I get the JSON file.  


Let me know how I can set this up!  I've been trying several different ways but I always get this error.


{"error":{"message":"Exception of type \\u0027xxxxxx.JsonSerializerException\\u0027 was thrown.",
"name":"JSONRPCError","errors":[{"message":"Exception of type \\u0027xxxxx.JsonSerializerException\\u0027 was thrown.",

7 - Meteor

Hi! What call are you using with your address? Are you able to attach your workflow? 


Some things that I have had to try initially without knowing how you've set it up was changing the download tool call from GET to POST or unchecking encode URL.

8 - Asteroid

Well that worked.  All I had to do was uncheck the "encode URL".  I can't believe I didn't try that before!!  Thanks!!

7 - Meteor

So that happened to me as well my first time! I'm glad it worked for you 🙂