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Linear and Logistic Regression Using Alteryx.

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team,
I am new to Alteryx can anyone help on below to learn.

1. Clean the Data Set.
2. Null Data Handling.
3. Handling Missing Values.
4.Categorical Data Handling using One hot Encoding.
5.Splitting data into Training and Test Data Sets.
6.Multiple Linear Regression.
7.Feature Selection - Checking Correlation to get perfect set of independent variables
8.Linear Relation
9.building linear Model
10.Evaluate your model using RMSE.


The same is done in Python i want to learn using Alteryx.
11.Analyze your model performance visually


12 - Quasar

Hi, @rohit782192 


Regarding 4, one-hot encoding, check out this post.


Credit @mceleavey 


In the meantime, I will use your second source to demonstrate (not solve) how you might go about handling the other questions. Give me 15 minutes or so.



12 - Quasar

Hi, @rohit782192 


Hopefully, this will get you started.

Please like, if you find it helpful.