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Limit number of columns when using Dynamic Input


Hi. May I know if it's possible to limit the number of columns to read in while using the dynamic input, without resorting to macros? For some reason the source files I have start to have a different number of columns after the 10th column. But I only really need to first 10 columns what comes after doesn't really matter.


I tried the macro build by Jordan ( It ran well but I'd like to also capture the full path as and output field but the macro does not seem to do that.


Thanks in advance!

I would suggest the easiest is to use a Dynamic Select tool immediately after with a Select via a Formula rule of:

[FieldNumber] <= 10



Hi. Thanks for the tip.


However it's still giving this "<filename> has a different number of fields than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped" error on the Dynamic Input tool. I'm not sure if I have misunderstood the use of it.. this is my setup:



 Thanks again!


hi @ansonwun, did you find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue.


GHi @Phyllis . Unfortunately no.. but I've been using a batch macro tool and so far so good:





Are you reading data from excel files? If so, you can specify the columns you'd like to read, like this.


In the example, I'm specifying that I want to read data from Sheet1, starting at cell A7 (column A row 7) to column AT. Since no cell number is specified after AT, all rows of data will be read.


This can be used in an Input or Dynamic Input Tool.


specify columns in input tool.png