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Lift Chart Issues



I am trying to connect predictive models to a lift chart to view the ROC curve. I have tried a logistic regression, decision tree, and random forest model. Each time, I arrive at the same error message: "Target variable must be a factor". I am new to Alteryx, as well as to many things R related, so I'm assuming this is just something simple I am unaware of. Does anybody have any suggestions on what the problem may be, or any more general tips about using the Lift Chart Tool? 


Thank you. 


Hi @CEberhardt,

Do you have an example workflow that you are able to share that generates this error? That will be the best way to see exactly what is happening.


Also be sure to take a look at the Sample Workflows under the Help Menu in Alteryx.  With version 11.3 they can be found here: Help-Sample Workflows - Predictive Analytics - Lift Chart



Peter Stoddard
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CEberhardt,


As mentioned by Peter, I would go over the Samples and Documentation just to see if any questions you're curious about could be answered there.


In terms of your error, I would need the workflow and data to see what exactly what's throwing it, but it looks like it's concerning your target variable. I would check that your Decision Tree, Forest Model, and Logistic Regression's are all using a BINOMIAL target variable. And then make sure your Target Level in your Lift Chart is properly pointing to one of these options (Ideally, the one for the desired response). Additionally, double check your data for your target variable field to make sure that there are no typos, etc. which would create a multinomial model, which the Lift Chart doesn't support. 






Hi @CEberhardt


Have you solved the problem? I am new to Alteryx and just run into the same Lift Chart problem. Do you mind to share the solution? 


Thank you,