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License is not working

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Hi Team,


I am a licensed user of Alteryx and it was working fine at my window 7 based machine. Due to some technical issue with my machine, IT department has issued issue machine to me which is with Windows 10. And i got Alteryx installed on my new machine.


But, somehow my license key is not working on new machine. Although it is still working on old machine


Purpose - Since i have to move all my work to new machine so i need workable Alteryx on my new machine. Once it will run without any issue on new machine only then i can deposit my old machine on which it is working fine.


This is impacting business right now. So your quick response will be appreciated.



Vikas Verma


mob No- 8802578487

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Hi @Vikas038 


Please try the steps set out below:


Moving a License: 

In v10.1+ the transfer of a license from one machine to another has also been made easier from the Designer, but will not support concurrent use of a license. A few common scenarios for this is when a user's machine fails or gets replaced and they need to activate Alteryx on their new machine or when a user leaves the company or changes roles.


To move a license manually (any supported Designer version) from one computer to another, just follow these steps:


1. On the machine where the license is currently installed, Open the Tools >> Manage Licenses menu:


Manage Licenses.png


2. Use the "(-) Delete License" option in the License Manager with the license intended for removal highlighted:


Delete Licenses.png


3. Then simply select the "(+) Install License" option in the License Manager of the computer you'd like to move the license to, entering the key upon being prompted.


Additionally, with v10.1+, you can expedite the transfer by just entering a license key and email associated - the user will see a pop-up similar to what is shown below:


Move license.png


Clicking yes will then transfer the license onto the new machine, voiding the seat it was previously holding on the other computer and successfully licensing the machine being used.



The above has been discussed on this thread (https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Knowledge-Base/Licensing-Series-Part-3-Managing-Your-Licens...).


Hope this allows you to get back to business. Let me know if it helps.


- Andrew

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Hi Team,


It seems that only with Admin rights license can be deleted from old machine. And after that one can configure same license on new machine.


Because at my end "Delete License" option is not working. Instead of that, I can only see Deactivate license. Although, i am also not able to deactivate license on old machine


Please refer attached screen shot for the same


@Vikas038 Hi,


I hope that your license issue has been resolved. For future reference, to transfer licenses across devices, please deactivate the license from the old machine, and then reactivate the same license on the new machine. For a guide to deactivating licenses, please see here


If the above is not possible, please reach out to your license administrator for assistance. The license administrator can revoke a license key from a user's machine and the seat on the key will become immediately available for subsequent activation. Please have the license administrator do the following to revoke a key from a user:


Login to licenses.alteryx.com (the Alteryx licenses portal)

Select the Machines tab

Select Administer Machines

Search for the email address used to activate Alteryx on the user's machine which you want to revoke licenses from, by entering the email address in the search bar named "Machine Name"

Select the email address in the results

Select the Action button

Select Revoke Licenses

Enter the Quantity to Remove



Please note that the above methods work for Alteryx versions 11.8 or newer. If you are on a legacy version of Alteryx (that is version 11.7 or older), or if you have any questions about the above, please reach out to fulfillment@alteryx.com.