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License Management: Revoke Access vs Make a Member

9 - Comet
9 - Comet

When I am in the Alteryx Gallery in the License Manager, there is the option (button) to "delete" a user who has a license. When I do this, a "Revoke Access" pop-up appears and says,


"You are about to revoke John Doe's access to this license. Would you like to revoke their access and make them a member of your studio or just revoke their access?"


I can then select "Revoke Access" or "Make Them a Member".


Can someone explain the difference, and the outcome/implications of both choices?


Thank you,



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

To understand what is going on I need to quickly cover the roles on Alteryx Gallery:


For our purposes, consider the two levels of users: Data Artisan and Member

  • A Data Artisan is a user who creates analytic applications using the Alteryx Designer Desktop and then shares them publicly and/or privately in the Analytics Gallery.
  • A Member is a user who can run applications that are shared privately through Collections. A Membership is granted by a Data Artisan. A Member also shares the privileges of a Viewer to run all applications published in the Public Gallery.

Since a Data Artisan creates analytic applications using the Alteryx Designer Desktop, they need an Alteryx Designer Desktop license. Generally (not always) a user with a Designer license has a Data Artisan role on your Gallery. When you revoke access to that license, they can no longer use Designer to create and publish.

Members, on the other hand, simple consume applications created and published by others. They do not need a license, they only need access to collections or the application in the Public Gallery.


When you revoke the license, Alteryx is doing you a favor by asking "since you are revoking this person's license they can no longer fulfill the requirements of a data artisan, so would you like to make them a member instead?".

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Thanks @michael_treadwell for the context, however can we go deeper here? If a user is revoked is this reversible in License Manager? What is the process for that?


Alteryx's documentation is really lacking in this area, would appreciate any insight you could share!