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Left to Right Unicode Embedding Conversion

Alteryx Partner

Hi Friends


I face an issue when concatenating the Arabic Text with English text or any other strings. 


I have Student name in Arabic. I have to Pad some characters and  concatenate some strings along with that name. 




However, using below I am able to correct this issue with help given in the link

However, these UNICODEs should not be considered as text, they must be escaped so that I can do padding properly. Currently padding considers these Unicodes as text, but I want them to be escaped. 


Any inputs on this please.  




7 - Meteor

Hi @Antony89a ,

Could you post a sample data?

Alteryx Partner

Hi Barco



I have attached yxdb sample file. Order of concatenation should be



I tried python tool to concatenate and I am successful on that. But when I viewed in browse tool it works fine,


If i write data into Text file (.txt), it changes the order of text and arabic text appears in the last. Still, I could not figure out solution. 




When I copy paste here directly from Browse tool, it gives me me correct format. 

108077323411RFTGGA1111763487432435187000‪نهى بالخيور ‪0000000002000006565656556 0 01000000000#.


Is this related to way data is written into txt file? Even I tried to write as CSV. But, no Luck.








7 - Meteor

Hi @Antony89a 

I think the problem is mixing different codepage and also the way of arabic writting, from right to left

I was checking your first approach, using the unicode code \U+202C, I try adding the charfromint, but doesn't seems to work.




It's really necessary to maintain the arabic names?

Alteryx Partner

Yes Barco. Thank you for your support. 


However, if we perform substring from same output what we get required results. But, when we visualize, issue arises. So, I just left it as this is it's default behavior of handling Arabic letters. 



If we just append any character with Escape character , this issue will be solved, but we need to remove this appended character manually post substring/parsing.