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Learning Path is missing files for "Try It Now"

Alteryx Partner



Just been working through the learning path and the files for quite a few of the Sample Tool/Try It Now workflows don't work. The template/instructions are there but the file/data isn't, unless i'm doing something wrong?

Wasn't sure where else to post this - Cheers!

Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer

Hi @MFish ,


Thank you for being one of the first to try out the new Learning Path and report your feedback! Unfortunately, we are not able to replicate your experience. It is possible that the comment boxes with the instructions are covering the Input Data/Text Input tools with your data. You can right click and "Send to Back" to be sure. If you continue having issues, a screen capture may help us to narrow down the potential issue.




Alteryx Partner

Hey Ian,


As i worked through the coursework, it seemed only one in maybe every four would be missing the data, i should of screenshotted - but it may have also just been an issue on my end.