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Leading 0's in formula

7 - Meteor

I'm creating a formula where my posting period is between 1-9 then I want it to be given a leading 0. I have created the following formula but I am getting the error "Invalid type in operator >="

Can someone help me fix the below formula? Thank you


IF [Posting Period]>=1 AND [Posting Period]<=9
THEN "0"+[Posting Period]
ELSE [Posting Period]


The Invalid operator is due to trying to find a numeric calculation on a String.  You can use the ToNumber() function to help with this.


IF tonumber([Posting Period])>=1 AND tonumber([Posting Period])<=9
THEN "0"+[Posting Period]
ELSE [Posting Period]


See attached.

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Hey @AustinBauer


Your [Posting Period] is a wrap the first part in ToNumber()


So if ToNumber([Posting Period]) >= 1 AND toNumber([Posting Period])<=9 etc...