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Large number of input / source files


Dear Alteryx,


My Problem focuses on the first step within the Alteryx workflow, where an Input icon has to be selected and the source data file has to be selected. If I have 36 source data files which includes monthly P&L or BS data for the past 3 years, I currently make 36 input icons, select for each of the icons only 1 source data file and later merge the 36 workflows into 1 to create 1 document where the 36 months are included.

I encounter three problems:
(1) First, when I change the place where the source data file is saved, the link gets broken in Alteryx and I have to manually relink, how to solve this problem that the change is tracked and I dont have to relink?
(2) Second, I dont want to have 36 input icons and select 36 sources files separately. I want only 1 input icon for all 36 source files. How to do this?
(3) Third, the workflow can get quite slow when running the whole workflow everytime I include some more icons to the workflow. Is it possible to 'break' the workflow, meaning that I can run the workflow once and the next time when I want to run the workflow, it starts running from a point in the middle where I did 'break' the flow (when I know I dont change the first part before the break). Is this possible / How to do this?


Could you please reply on all 3 questions?! Many thanks!




Hi @Koen_Stam


1) The easiest way to make changes to your input files would be to create either an app interface or a macro which updates all the file path root just once (Workflow Attached).


2) If all 36 files have the same field schema you can use the wildcard option. Alternatively you can use the directory tool & dynamic input. This article demonstrates how to do both (workflows are available for download at the end of the article).


3) You can use a combination of tool containers and the cache dataset macro to 'break' the workflow up




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant