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Label Interactive Chart Y axis with percent sign

8 - Asteroid

I've created a dual axis / secondary Y axis chart.  One Y axis is in dollars, and the other represents percentages.  How can I get the numbers displayed on the two Y axes to have dollar signs and percentage signs?  I am feeding the chart tool the percentages formatted as strings with a percent sign included.  But the percent sign does not display.  I also feel there must be a simple way to get the other Y axis numbers labeled with dollar signs -- but I can't find out how.  Thanks for any help!

18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @Newt 


There doesn't seem to be away to apply a style formatting, like adding a % or $ to the axis labels, like there is in Excel.  To get around this, I would suggest adding ($) and (%) to the corresponding axis titles. 


As to why the % signs aren't displayed even though they're included in your input field, I'd say that the Interactive chart is performing an implicit ToNumber() on the input Y axis values to be able to get the min and max ranges to scale the graph axis. This ToNumber() conversion doesn't seem to apply the X axis though.  As a test, I sorted the values by Percent and pivoted the graph to get percent on the X axis.  In this case the labels are sorted in dictionary as opposed to numeric order as shown below 



You can always suggest adding axis style formatting as an idea to include in future versions, as well.





5 - Atom

Over a year later and there have been no substantive updates to the Interactive Chart module? Still cannot add % or Currency signs to the labels. And the old chart module now throws an error and can't realistically be used. It's very hard to provide top-quality presentation materials when one confronts these sort of basic limitations.