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Keep errored data flows from entering a union tool


I have a workflow in which I need to make 3 FTP file pulls using the download tool, then union the data from all 3 pulls together. Occasionally, one of the files does not exist, which means that data stream produces an error. When this happens, none of the data from the other 2 functioning data streams go through the union tool.


How can I ensure that data from all present files still goes through the union tool when one of the 3 download tools produces an error?


Hi @kaianderson,


When there is a potential that some of the data will not exist, I like to use dummy data that I can filter out later. In this instance I would recommend having one simple bit of xml data that you union after your download tools. I would just make sure that this dummy data is identifiable and distinguishable from your actual data so that it will filter out nicely.