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KNN classifier


Hi everyone,


I am trying to build a KNN classifier in Alteryx but I do not find the right tool. I expected that the tool K Nearest Neighbor would produce an output similar to the decision tree tool or any other predictive tool, but I do not find the way to use this tool in the proper way. Does anyone know how to use this tool as a classifier or if there is any other tool to do KNN classification? Thanks in advance!!


Pd: I attach the workflow I am working on.

I defer to someone from Alteryx support if I'm wrong on this, but I don't think the 'Find Nearest Neighbors' tool is intended to be the knn classifier.  It's in the 'Predictive Grouping' vs the 'Predictive' section.


The knn classifier can be accessed in the R package 'caret' with the function 'train' (method = "knn"),  So theoretically you could write R code and put in the R tool to get the knn classifier in your workflow.  I don't know if that would work with the Model Comparison tool.  I actually don't have that tool on my install.