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K Means Cluster Analysis - stuck at ~20%


I am running a flow utilizing the K means cluster analysis tools and they are stuck at 20% ad 24% respectively (please see image). No error has been logged, however there is a warning " K-Centroids Cluster Analysis (154) The invalid name has been replaced by X". What is causing the flow to be stuck and what does this warning mean?


Thank you!


image log errors.PNG

Alteryx Partner

@grftjw can you provide us with a sample dataset, or at least a description of the data?


The data is confidential, but for all means and purpose hopefully the table dimensions and fields types will suffice: There are 1M records and 50 fields (columns). The data is all binary or double. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Clustering 1 million records and 50 fields, to me it's not surprising that it seems stuck; it sounds like something that is computation extremely heavy.

I assume if you sample your data to say 25% of that and run off a few columns it's fine?

I think you need to look at ways you can reduce the 50 fields! It will be very hard to explain the variance when there are so many variables!