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Joining on Same Key for Multiple Outer Joins

Hello, I have a situation that may be difficult to describe. I am working with a data set that requires having two outer joins in a row. The first join has a simple, basic [key]. In the second outer join, I tried joining on just [key], but I am missing some data in the join. Joining on the [key] and then adding a second key on the [key] and [right_key] seemed to pull in the data I needed. I use the unique tool later in the workflow to filter out any duplicates.

I’m wondering if my approach makes sense, or if there is another solution to missing data records when doing multiple outer joins in a row.

No, I mean they are simply not being pulled into the data set at all. I will put something together shortly. Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Nageen


By missing data, you mean Null Values from the result of the Joins?


Do you have a sample of your workflow, so we could discuss this a little further?




Hi @Thableaus


Thank you for your response. It appears I was joining on the incorrect key in the second outer join (I renamed the required key right_key in the first outer join). Once I updated the second key to be just right_key,key I got the required results. The second key on just key,key was not required.


Thanks for your help!