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Joining on 2 fields

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Okay....newbie here - please be gentle......


I know it is something obvious.

One file has every county in the U.S. - with some info.

Other file has SOME counties in the U.S. - with other info.


I want to join these together - but need to do it based on County name AND state (considering there are counties with the same name in multiple states.)

I picked up that the fields all have to be the same (string) - and I believe I solved for that.

THEN - I learned that joining fields have to be the same case - and I think I did that too.

BUT.......I am only getting a handful of matches.


I should have around 1900 matches


Ultimately......I want to see unique columns from both inputs - for ALL counties - knowing some fields will be null.



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Hello @CorCor 


Welcome to the Alteryx Community!


I cant access your excel sheets as they are pointed to a local file on your machine. You can usually copy and paste selected records as seen in the screenshot below, and right click anywhere on the white canvas and paste, and it will create a text input tool with the data you copied.


In your case, it sounds like you want to do a left join. So you want to keep all the data on the left, and add on extra data on the right. Im not sure which of your files have more data, but it may well be a right join. I have attached your workflow which has been updated with a union tool after the join tool. 


Hope this helps!


- Andrew



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Thank you - I will give a try.


But sorry you wrote: "as seen in the screenshot below," - was that referring to the pasted workflow?

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Woops I have a tendency to do that sometimes.


This is the screenshot I was referring to 



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That did it!