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Joining from multiple Fields


Hi and happy Monday!


I have a question regarding a Join, but if there is a more elegant solution (which I suspect there is...), I am all ears.


Table 1:


Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Shoe 3

Shoe 4

Shoe 5


Table 2:




What I want to know is which year contains a deadstock shoe. So what I started to do was Join on Table 1 Shoe1 and Table 2 Shoe, but I would have to repeat this 5 times to really know which year has a deadstock shoe.


Is there a way to Join through all of the columns? Not sure if Join Mulitple is the correct approach.


Thanks so much in advance.


Hi @stphnwl,


Rather than doing multiple joins, it would be more efficient to first transpose the shoe columns and then do the join. I've attached a sample workflow demonstrating this. 


Have a great day!



Hi @AmeliaG,


Thanks for the response! I'm unable to open the workflow because it was created by a more recent version.


Is there another way to send a compatible version or would a screenshot work?




Not sure a transpose would work since I have additional information within Table 1 that needs to be kept within the same line.




I've saved the workflow in an older version (10.6) - you should be able to open it now. 


In regards to the Transpose, anything you need on the same line, you should keep as a 'key' field. All of the shoe fields will be your 'data' fields. If you decide to cross tab the data back into it's original format, then 'Group By' all of the fields you used as 'key' fields in the Transpose. 


Let me know if you have any additional questions!