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Joining Unique Data Tables -Different IDs in Each Table

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I have data similar to that attached. I need to join the the two, grouping based  off "Group" and "code" fields. However, when one table has a code or group that the other does not it is not joining properly. My current flow uses the summarize tool to group  by group and code before joining. and the data is how I need it, however, after joining the data looks like the current tab on the attached instead of one fluent table. 

9 - Comet

Dear @lomeoari 


This is what I can give you, please find my workflow.


Maybe there will be other solutions from friends in this community that are even better.

21 - Polaris

Hi @lomeoari 


Hands down @Ar13f 's solution would be best solution for this usecase 🙂.


Here is my understanding of the usecase. If you are getting output as below that means you are using join multiple tool to output all data.


Group  Code  Volume Q1 Charge Group  Code  Volume Q2 Charge
a 1 10 0.16 a 1 10 0.16
a 2 10 0.79 a 2 10 0.79
a 3 10 0.68 a 3 10 0.68
a 4 10 0.26 a 4 10 0.26
a 5 10 0.25 a 5 10 0.25
b 6 10 0.75        
b 7 10 0.75        
b 8 10 0.48        
b 9 10 0.94        
        b 15 10 0.32
        b 16 10 0.56
        c 8 10 0.52
        c 9 10 0.50


You can use formula like below to get that data into the required format.



Join tool approach: suggested by @Ar13f  is best for 2 data sources.

Join multiple tool approach: is preferable if you have more than 2 data sources. Then you would need to modify your formula with if else statement to get values from other columns.


Hope this helps : )


9 - Comet

Dear @atcodedog05 


Thanks for the advice and sharing the knowledge ..

7 - Meteor

I was using join multiple, had three inputs and just made my example two inputs. Great catch, this worked ! Thank you so much!

21 - Polaris

Happy to help : ) @lomeoari 

Cheers and have a nice day!