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Joining Datasets with similar but not exactly matching data


I am struggling to join two data sets by matching similar but not exactly matching fields.

for example, data set one's field consists of data with a V_WString format "A B C D E F" which i would like to match to a second data set with a V_WString format of "A XY C Z B HIJ".


i want Alteryx to recognize the "A B C" in the second data set matches the "A B C" in the first data set. is this possible?  there are only 40-50 uniques in the first data set that will match to 10-15 uniques in the second so i could just manually create a decoder in excel, but i'd like to utilize Alteryx for this  function if possible.  Any ideas?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Rob48 I mocked up a workflow that I think might be useful for this problem. Let me know what you think? 

Sounds like a job for fuzzy matching! If you use the fuzzy match tool in merge mode you should be able to output a table with all the corresponding matches to each value along with a score. It takes a bit of practise but it's a well documented tool with some good resources. I do a lot of string matching and text analytics and sometimes it's just the only tool for the job.

Hi @Rob48 

I like @JS420 's approach of breaking down into individual letters and matching on those. If you add a count to the Summarize tool, of the number of letters that match, you can set a threshhold (e.g., has to match at least 3 letters to be considered a match), and use a filter to determine what matches and what doesn't.