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Joining 2 columns within a single data set based on a common string

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Can anyone help me with a solution for joining two fields within a single data set based on both containing a common string part (not an exact match). I want to separate the matches from the non matches. 



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14 - Magnetar


I would suggest:

First, assign a row ID to each row; then parse the strings by every space so each word is in its own row.

If case doesn't matter, you could then add a formula tool to set the string to all caps.

Then apply the same filter you already used, group by row ID and join back to the original row.

Check out the attached.


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Based on your attached workflow, it looks like the only thing you need to do is remove the quotes from your filter: Contains([Field 2], [Field 1])


Let me know if I've misunderstood.  Note that the filter assumes that the entire [Field 1] is contained somewhere in [Field 2].

8 - Asteroid

thanks @danrh that was a quick fix!