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Join with multiple fields

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team,


So i have a big data set and initially i was doing two joins based on different criteria's.


Join 1:


Table 1                          join 

ID  name $                  ID Date

1     xyz   50                 1   20/1


Join on ID


Join 2:


Table 2                                         join table


UID  Owner  SID  LID              UID SID LID Record ID


Join on multiple fields: UID, OWNER SID , LID.


Now as the data set were big I did all the transformations and did a union of both data sets and tried to join in multiple fields like: ID, UID, OWNER SID , LID. but join returns me 0 records

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Are each of the join fields separate (ex: join by UID OR join by Owner OR join by SID) or should the output use all of the fields for the join critieria?


If the latter, add all of the fields in the same join by adding additional drop downs.


Hope this helps!




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @SouravKayal,


What is the question? 


If you want to receive proper help I think the sample of the data would be useful. 


If the question is why you don't have any result. Are you 100% sure that you should get one? Having two-step join is a different scenario then one join on bigger amount of columns. 

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Well, I have a peculiar requirement:


Table 1 has a Field, say RecCode that has a value, SAY 234987


Now, I have Table 2, that has a field, say RecCodes (note the plural) and can has various values appended interspersed with text and the RecCode, say ABC= 234987 HFS=389756 and so on.


I want to pick that RecCode from Table 1 and look if it exists in the RecCodes field in Table 2 and pull that corresponding record from Table 2. Any thoughts?

17 - Castor

Hi @ak2018 


Give this a shot:


  1. Find and replace to look up the code in table 1 in the table 2 data. If it's found it is set to append a new field with the single RecCode.
  2. Use that appended field to facilitate the join and get the data