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Join on non-exact matches

6 - Meteoroid



I am trying to do a join where the fields won't necessarily match. Here is a simplified version of what I am trying to accomplish:


File 1:

GroupNameScript Count
Atrium Centers, Inc14


File 2:

GroupnameTotal Script Count
Atrium Centers Inc87



GroupNameScript CountTotal Script Count
Atrium Centers Inc1487


I tried using Fuzzy Tool and I wasn't getting the results I was looking for. I kept getting a lot of duplicates that looked like this:

GroupNameScript CountTotal Script Count
Atrium Centers Inc1487
Atrium Centers Inc1487
Atrium Centers Inc1487


Any advice would be appreciated!

11 - Bolide

Have you tried the find replace?


Hey @tycarbone


A couple things I want to point out. The fuzzy match tool, when using the Merge match style, will attempt to match ever record from 1 data set to every record of the other. This will lead to something like Atrium Centers Inc from file A to be matched to Atrium Centers, Inc from File B, and vise versa (File B matching to File A). It is best practice to follow up the Fuzzy Match tool with a Unique Tool, to remove duplicates. 


If you want some more assistance with the fuzzy match tool take a look at this live training led by one of my colleges Nick Smith.  


I will also point out that it is best practice to proceed the fuzzy match tool with a Data Cleansing to standardize case and remove any unwanted characters. Sometimes this resolve all differences between two files and you could simply use a Join. 


Let me know if you have Questions.