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Join not working in Analytic App

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Having a bit of an issue with a workflow which runs fine in Designer but am getting no outputs when trying to convert to an analytic app.


Plan is there are two input files which I've called using two the file browse tools from interface. These are then joined based on a common identifier between the two files.


When running the tool as an app, I get the error on the join that "Info: Join (6): 0 records were joined with 0 un-joined left records and 0 un-joined right records (ended by a downstream tool)"


I've packaged up my example workflow here - really grateful for any advice to help fix this issue!



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Hi @lewis-chambers 


To resolve this sort of issue I recommend using the Debug Mode. In the Interface Designer (CTRL+ALT+D or View > Interface Designer) choose the magic wand icon, input your two files, and open Debug Mode. You'll then be able to run this as a workflow and see where the error occurs. To make any corrections, make sure you do this in your main app file not the debug version, which is just a copy.





You might also want to show some output when the App completes, which you can also do via the Interface Designer, using the Properties tab:




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D'oh! Thanks very much for your help!!